Vol. 16,No. 4, October 2017
Biochemical composition of Sardinella gibbosa, Clupeonella engrauliformis and Stolephorus indicus bones from the Oman Sea and Caspian Sea
Description:-Faculty of Marine Sciences, Chabahar Maritime University, Iran, P.O.BOX. 99717- 56499. -Department of Fisheries, Islamic Azad University, Qeshm Branch, Iran -Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran, Iran *Corresponding author's Email: taheri@cmu.ac.ir
The present work was conducted to investigate the chemical composition (amino acid, mineral content, and lipid profile) of bones from three different Iranian pelagic fish species. The biochemical composition ofSardinella gibbosa,Clupeonella engrauliformis andStolephorus indicusbones captured from the Iranian Ocean (the Oman Sea and Caspian Sea) were determined. The analysis of amino acids and fatty acid profiles was done by HPLC and GC and also analysis of minerals was done by means of flame atomic emission spectrophotometry. The least amount of mono unsaturated fatty acids was observed inC. engrauliformis (p<0.05). The highest contents of polyunsaturated fatty acids and n3/n6 ratio were observed in bones ofC. engrauliformis. High levels of Ca, Fe, P, Zn and Cu minerals were measured inS. gibbosaandC. engrauliformis, respectively. The highest values of basic amino acid and sulfur containing amino acids were measured inS. gibbosaandC. engrauliformis, respectively. The chemical index did not reveal lack of any essential amino acids in three studied fish varieties compared to reference protein. On the basis of result, the best bone composition was observed inS. gibbosa. Therefore, the use of bone powders varieties of these fish could be useful in food industries.
Keywords:Biochemical composition, Bone,Sardinella gibbosa,Clupeonella engrauliformis, Stolephorus indicus
Author:Taheri A.*; Sarhaddi N.; Bakhshizadeh G.A.; Sharifian S.1
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