Vol. 16,No. 2, April 2017
Study of growth ring formation in scales of mullet Liza saliens
Description:- The Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center, Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI), Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Sari, Iran. 2- Dept. of Marine Biology, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran 3- Iranian Fisheries Research Organization, (IFSRI), Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), P.O. Box: 14965/149. Tehran, Iran. *Corresponding author's Email: parafkandeh@hotmail.com
This study is attempted to compare the number of rings and circular scales that are formed during various ages onLizasaliens. Sampling was carried out monthly during 2012-2013 using beach sine fishing nets. 102 specimens of different sizes were collected and transferred to the laboratory in boxes containing ice. The age of fish was determined by the number of annual rings as well as, the number of rings in each annual area. The distance between rings in each annual area was also measured. The results showed that the maximum growth was demonstrated in the first and second years. In the first year of life, the scale radius was nearly 2823.3±366.5(µm) which decreased to 1223.9±236.0(µm). The result indicated that 48 percentage of growth scales occurred in the first year and this value is only 21.8% in the second year. The number of growth rings in the annual regions decreased with increase in age. The result demonstrated that the average number of rings was 95.5±17.6 in the first life year of the fish. If you take into account the number of growth ring through years in comparison with the number of days in a year, it is clear that one ring was nearly made in four days in the first life year and it gradually reached 7.5, 15.9, 21.9 and 31.7 in the second, fourth and sixth years of life, respectively. One ring was approximately made in each month at higher ages.
Keywords:Caspian Sea, Liza saliens,Growth rings, Scales, Circular
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