Vol.15, No.3, July 2016
Age, growth and mortality of Caspian Spirlin, Alburnoides eichwaldii (De Filippi, 1863), from Aras River Basin in Turkey
Description:- Department of Biology, Faculty of Art and Sciences, Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University, Nevşehir, TURKEY 2- Division of ScienceTeaching, Faculty of Education, Gazi University, Beşevler, 06500 Ankara, TURKEY *Correspondingauthor’s Email: erdogancicek@yahoo.com
The genusAlburnoidesbelongs to the Leuciscine cyprinids and is distributed in Europe and eastern parts of Asia. Only two subspecies have been consistently reported forAlburnoides bipunctatus (Heckel, 1858) from Turkey (Kuru, 2004),A.bipunctatus eichwaldiiand A.bipunctatus fasciatus. Just a few years ago, some taxonomic work focusing on the genusAlburnoides reported 4 new species from Turkey (Turanet al., 2013; 2014).
Author:Cicek E. 1*; Sigirci U.1; Birecikligil S.1; SaylarÖ2.
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