Vol.15, No.3, July 2016
Age and growth of king nase, Condrostoma regium (Cyprinidae), from Bibi-Sayyedan River of Semirom, Isfahan, Iran
Description:-Department of Natural Resources (Fisheries Division), Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan 84156-83111, Iran *Corresponding author’s Email: keivany@cc.iut.ac.ir
Age determination is an important step in fisheries management (Polatet al., 1999). The cyprinid fishChondrostoma regium(Heckel, 1843) is widely distributed in Tigris-Euphrates basin and the Mediterranean basins of southeastern Turkey and the northern Levant (Suiçmezet al., 2011). In Iran, it is found in Karun and Karkheh Rivers, the Hoor-al-Azim Marsh and also in Zayandehrud River and Bushehr basin (Ghorbani Chafi, 2000; Keivanyet al., 2015a).
Author:Kiani F.; Keivany Y.*; Paykan-Heyrati F.; Farhadian O.
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