Population structure, growth and reproduction properties of barbel (Barbus plebejus Bonaparte, 1832) living in Çığlı stream, Van, Turkey
Description:- Yuzuncu Yil University, Faculty of Fisheries Zeve Campus 65080 Van Turkey * Corresponding author’s Emails: or
This study was carried out to determine population structure, growth and reproduction properties of barbel. A total of 198 individuals were sampled. Ages of samples were found between I and VI years, fork lengths between 4.3 and 16.6 cm and total weights between 1.2 and 65.8 g. Length-weight relationship was calculated as W=0.0146×L2.934. Munro’s phi prime index was estimated as 1.95, L∞ as 26.42 cm W∞ as 216.92 g, and condition factor as 1.265±0.01. First sexual maturation was determined in 6.0-6.9 cm-group males, and second sexual maturity was recorded in 10.0-10.9 cm-group females. Individual fecundity was defined between 568 and 4171 eggs/female and relative fecundity was calculated as 64964.55±5855.49 eggs/kg female. Barbel did not show good growth and reproduction performance in the stream, because of fishing pressure.
Keywords: Barbel, Growth, Population structure, Reproduction, Çığlı stream
Author:Şen F.*; KaraÖ.
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