Vol.15, No. 1,January2016
Optimization of freezing point regulator and its penetration dynamics on large yellow croaker
Description:Faculty of Food and Pharmacy, Zhejiang Ocean University, 1th Haida south road, Dinghai, Zhoushan, China 316022 * Corresponding author's Email: lisa8919@163.com
Different kinds of freezing-point regulators were evaluated to expand the freezing point zone of large yellow croaker, and several treatment methods such as ordinary atmospheric pressure, vacuum environment and injection during the process of penetration were compared to reveal the relationship of diffusion velocities, diffusion time and freezing point of the large yellow croaker. Results obtained for ideal freezing-point regulators were as follows: Sodium chloride 2.5% (w/w), trehalose 2.5% (w/w) and edible alcohol 2.0% (w/w), which could decrease the freezing point from -1.5℃ to -4.2℃. Comparing with atmospheric pressure or vacuum degrees treatment, using injection method to deal with the freezing-point regulators could decrease the freezing point in a short time and benefit the meat quality.
Keywords: Ice temperature preservation; Control the freezing point, Large yellow croaker
Author:Ye H.; Shuai D.; Dong-mei W.; Hong-yu L.*
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