Vol.15, No. 1,January2016
First record of karyotype analysis in Anjak, Schizocypris altidorsalis (Bianco and Banarescu, 1982) from Hamoun Lake, Iran
Description:1- Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Zabol, Iran. 2- Department of Fisheries, Hamoun International Wetland Research Institute, University of Zabol, Iran. * Corresponding author's Email: agharaei551@gmail.com
The chromosomal spread and karyotype of Anjak (Schizocyprisaltidorsalis) from Hamoun Lake were determined using tissue squashing techniques with an injection of 1 mL/100 g body weight of 0.01% colchicines solution. Kidney and gill epithelia tissues were removed and used for karyotype analysis. The analysis of 145 chromosome spreads revealed the diploid chromosome number of this fish, 2n=48 and a fundamental arm number (FN)=88. The diploid complements comprised 12 metacentric pairs, 8 submetacentric pairs, 1 subtelocentric pair and 3 telocentric pairs (12m+8Sm+1St+3t). Total length of the haploid complement equaled 44µm with a range in the length of the shortest and longest chromosome between 0.76-2.78µm. The arm ratio and the centromeric index ranged between l.00- and 0-50 respectively. This is the first report on the chromosome number and karyotype ofS. altidorsalis from the Hamoun Lake in Iran.
Keywords:Schizocypris altidorsalis,Chromosome, Karyotype, Hamoun Lake, Iran.
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