Vol. 14,No. 4, October 2015
Effect of dietary wood betony, Stachys lavandulifolia extract on growth performance, haematological and biochemical parameters of Common carp, Cyprinus carpio
Description:Department of Natural Resources, Isfahan University of Technology, P.O.Box: 84156-83111, Isfahan, Iran. *Corresponding author's email: sdorafshan@cc.iut.ac.ir


A 6 week study was conducted to assess the effects of wood betony (WB),Stachys lavandulifoliaextract on growth performance, hematological and biochemical parameters of common carp,Cyprinus carpio. Different levels of the WB extract (0, 2, 4 and 8% weight per weight, W/W, 0WB, 2WB, 4WB and 8WB) in the diet were used. The results showed that final weight and weight gain were significantly improved by WB (p<0.05), while other growth parameters such as food conversion efficiency and condition factor did not change (p>0.05). There were no significant differences in hemoglobin, hematocrit, mean erythrocytes of hemoglobin, mean erythrocyte volume, mean hemoglobin erythrocyte concentration and white blood cell (WBC) counts (p>0.05), while, red blood cells (RBC) counts showed significant declining trend by increasing the level of the plant extract from control to 8WB (p<0.05). Significant elevation in the levels of total protein, albumin and globulin and albumin/globulin ratio by increasing WB concentration in the diet were observed (p<0.05). Diet enriched by WB could decrease serum level of triglycerides and cholesterol in comparison with the control (p<0.05). Based on the results of this study, it could be concluded that feeding common carp with WB can improve growth and some immunity characteristics as well as lipid metabolism.
Keywords:Medicinal herb, Immunity, Lipid metabolism, Common carp,Cyprinus carpio.
Author:Bahrami Babaheydari S.; Paykan Heyrati F.; Dorafshan S.*; Mahboobi Soofiani N.; Vahabi M.R.
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