Biotechnics of live feed (Chironomid) culture for using in feeding of cultured aquatics
Description:Registration Date:2008<br><br>With collabration:Nassrin Mashaii, Habib Saresangi, Majid Askari, Ahmad Bitaraf, Mohammad Mohamadi, Ahad Sahragard

Larvae of the chironomid midges (blood worms) are known as use ful live food for cultured aquatics. There are endemic blood worms in sediments of the earthponds of Bafgh area at center of Iran. This study tended to identification of two chironomid species,Chironomus aprilinus Meigen, 1830 andDicrotendipes sudanicus Freeman, 1959& 1961, from Iran as a new record. Culture of blood worms was successful in glass thanks with 16h. light, at 24-26°C temperature. Eggs were incubated after 14 days. Suitable concentration of harvesting is 1-2 egg masses (1250eggs/m2). Enrichment of earthponds or plastis thanks including sediment is offered for culture of chironomid larvae. Collectors prepared with low cost materials are useful for collection of egg masses. May, June and July are the best time for egg collection. Large blood worms are mainly available in winter. Results of body analysis of the larvae indicated high dry matter with good quality.

Author:Farhad Rajabipour
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