Effect of hot-water extract of brown seaweedSargassumglaucescens via immersion route on immune respo
Description:Registration Date:October 30, 2010<br><br>With collaboration: Maryam Mirbakhsh

The development of shrimp aquaculture, in spite of its global necessity, is largely at stake as significant ecological and pathological problems are increasing in the vast majority of the shrimp producing countries. Shrimp immunology is a key element in establishing strategies for the control of diseases in shrimp aquaculture. The total haemocyte count (THC), differential haemocyte count (DHC), total plasma protein (TPP), Phagocytic activity (PA), bacterial clearance efficiency (BCE) and bactericidal activity (BE) were examined when the shrimpF. indicus (11.32±1.20 g) were immersed in seawater (39pptand 25 ± 1C) containing hot-water extract of brown algaSargassumglaucescens at 100, 300 and 500 mg/l. These parameters increased significantly (p< 0.05) when the shrimp were immersed in seawater containing hot-water extract at 100 mg/l after 3h and 300 and 500 mg/l after 2 h.F. indicusthat were immersed in hot-water extract at 300 and 500 mg/l had increased phagocytic activity and clearance efficiency toVibriospp.after 2 hours. But Bactericidal activity increased significantly after 1 hour in same concentrations.

Author:Babak Ghaednia
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