Identification and introduction of Lanternfish resources as a virgin resources to produce fish meal
Description:With collaboration:A. Kooshesh<br><br>Registration Date: August 2008

Lanternfish recourses are virgin and unexploited resources in the Oman Sea in which many research projects were carried out on biology and stock assessment of this species during last two decades by Iranian Fisheries Research Organization. The total biomass was estimated about 2 million tones and it was proposed to start commercial exploitation of it with total allowable catch of 300-400 thousand tons. The need and consumption of fish meal is about 150000 tons per year in which are imported from abroad. By completing the commercial and trial fishing of lanternfish as a mesopelagic fish, it is proposed to start commercial exploitation of this species, a considerable proportion of fish meal to be produced domestically with this identified new and virgin resource in deep waters of the Oman Sea.

Author:Tooraj Valinassab
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