Vol. 12,No. 4, October 2013
Species identification reveals mislabeling of important fish products in Iran by DNA barcoding
Description: 1- Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resource, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran 2 - Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resource, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran 3 - Department of Aquatic Health, Faculty of Veterinary, University of Tehran, Iran 4 - Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resource, Azadshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Golestan, Iran
This study reports on the molecular identification of fish species from processed products which had a priori been classified as belonging to 5 important species in Iran for human consumption. DNA barcoding using direct sequencing of an approximately 650bp of mitochondrial Cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) gene revealed incorrect labeling of Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel samples. High occurrence of fraudulent fishery products, if left unchecked, can pose a negative impact on the economy. This investigation adds further concern on the trading of processed fish products in Iran from both health and conservation points of view.

Thursday 7 May 2015
Author: Changizi R.1*, Farahmand H.2, Soltani M.3, Asareh R.1 and Ghiasvand Z.4
KeyWord: Food traceability, Forensic genetics, DNA barcoding, Fish product
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