Vol. 13,No. 3, July 2014‌
The impact assessment of cage aquaculture on benthic communities along the south eastern Black Sea
Description: 1- Central Fisheries Research Instıtue Vali Adil Yazar Cad., No:14, Kaşüstü Beldesi, 61250 Yomra, Trabzon, Turkey 2-Rize University, Faculty of Fisheries, 53100 Rize, Turkey 3-Faculty of Marine Science, Karadeniz Technical University, 61530,ÇamburnuTrabzon,Turkey 4-TÜBİTAK-MRC, Earth and Marine Sciences Research Institute, P.O. Box 21, 41470 Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey *Corresponding author's email: seldabascinar@gmail.com
The present study was conducted to examine the impact of cage aquaculture on benthic communities in coastal areas (depth 25 to 50 m) from fish farming operations located along the southeastern Black Sea (Ordu-Perşembe, Trabzon-Yomra and Rize central). Sampling was conducted seasonally from April 2007 to 2009. Sediment samples were taken using Ekman Grab (box core- 0.04 m2). Temperature, salinity, and water velocity were periodically measured to determine influencing sedimentary organic matter in the sediment, oxygenation, and anoxic conditions. In addition, grain size of sediment, organic carbon content, and distribution of benthic communities were investigated. In order to determine benthic impact of fish farms on the region, Shannon – Wiener diversity index (H’), AMBI (AZTI Marine Biotic Index) and M-AMBI (Multivariate- Marine Biotic Index) indices were used. Results of current study showed that benthic zone ecological quality of stations with number 01, 02, 03, and 04 at Ordu-Perşembefish-farming habitat was found to be very low. In autumn 2008, there were 3 species which belonged to Capitella capitata (844 individuals/m2), Capitella sp. (133 individuals/m2), and Heteromastus filliformis (311 individuals/m2) at OP-01 station. In addition, the impact of Trabzon-Yomra fish-farming activity on benthic communities was low. The degree of exposure for Rize fish-farming area in all seasons was quite low, which was not a significant negative impact.

Monday 4 May 2015
Author: Bascinar N.S.1*; Gozler A. M.2; Şahin C.2; EruzÇ.3; Tolun L.4
KeyWord: Cage culture, Benthic organisms, Ecological quality, Marine biotis indices, Black Sea, Turkey.
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