Vol. 13,No. 4,October 2014
Population dynamics of the Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius, 1798) in North-eastern Mediterranean S
Description: Fisheries Faculty, Cuk. University, 01330 Balcalı, Turkey *Corresponding author's email: mozutok@cu.edu.tr
Monthly sampling of speckled shrimp was conducted by bottom trawl in the Iskenderun Bay between November 2009 and October 2010. There was a linear relationship between carapace length and total length in males and females (TL= -0.112 + 0.2294*CL; R2= 0.8298, n= 327) for males, (TL= -0.3918 + 0.2731* CL; R2= 0.8919, n= 457) for females, and (TL= -0.378 + 0.2684* CL; R2=0.8492, n=784) for total individuals. Total length-weight relationships were W=0.0135*TL2.7817 for males, W= 0.0115*TL2.8535 for females, and W=0.0109*TL2.8108 for total individuals. The von Bertalanffy growth constants in length was TL¥= 162.75mm, K= 1.39 year–1, t0= -0.0604 year for males; TL¥= 178.40mm, K= 1.51 year-1, t0= -0.780 year for females; and TL¥= 174.14mm, K= 1.47 year-1, t0= -0.0721 year for total individuals. In this study, the total (Z), natural (M) and fishing (F) mortality coefficient and exploitation rates (E) were determined as 5.39 year-1, 2.39 year-1, 3.00 year-1 and E=0.56 year-1, respectively for all of the obtained individuals.

Sunday 3 May 2015
Author: Manasırlı M.*
KeyWords: Metapenaeus monoceros, Iskenderun Bay, Population dynamical, Fisheries.
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