The meeting of Khuzestan specialist working group on aquaculture development was held
Description: The meeting of specialist working group on aquaculture development was held at the Department of Fisheries with the presence of provincial directors and the director and the heads of specialized departments of the research center

The meeting of specialist working group for aquaculture development in Khuzestan was held with the presence of managers and experts from the Department of Fisheries, the Department of Environment, the Veterinary Directorate General of the province and the South of Iran Aquaculture Research Center hosted by the Department of Fisheries Khuzestan. Issues such as environmental restrictions of cage fish farming in Khuriat, the release of various species of carp in domestic water resources, pollution and waste water from warmwater fish farms were raised. In order to solve these problems, it was decided that each department would take the necessary steps in the area of ​​its activities in relation to these approvals will take the necessary steps and present them at the next meeting of the working group.

Sunday 28 Oct 2018
Author: Public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute
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