The First National Tilapia Conference
Description: Iranian Fisheries Research Organization (IFRO) and National Research Center of Saline Water Aquatics (NRCSWA) held The First National Tilapia Conference 9-10 December in Bafq at Yazd province at of Iran.
Conference was begun in morning 9-December. National and local managers, administrative and political executers, researchers, experts, students and private companies were participated in the conference.
24 papers were accepted for 14 oral and 10 poster presenting. Lectures were mainly about techniques of the Nile tilapia aquaculture in brackish water condition, hygiene considerations, environmental assessments and sustainable development. Different viewpoints about development of tilapia industries in Iran were discussed. Final resolution about the necessity of responsible tilapia development was read in the closing part of the first day of conference.
Participants were attended in a workshop about tilapia aquaculture presented by NRCSWA at 10-December and visited some research projects.
NRCSWA is situated in a desert area in the vicinity of Bafq. This center is the only reference center for tilapia researches in Iran. Over than 20 research projects about tilapia have been executed since Nov 2008, by NRCSWA.

Thursday 30 Apr 2015
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