The scientific seminar
Description: The scientific seminar on the prevalence of Diplostomum spp. in some fishes of Anzali Wetland

The Scientific seminar on the prevalence ofDiplostomum spp. in some fishes of Anzali Wetland was presented by Dr. Mirhashemi Nasab who is the academic member of the National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute. In this study, 598 samples of indigenous and non-indigenous fishes of Anzali Wetland including: pike fish, common carp, crucian carp, white bream andHemiculter lucisculus were studied for ocular parasitic infection. The prevalence ofDiplostomum spp. was calculated in white bream (75.41%), crucian carp (45.71%), common carp (34.62%),Hemiculter lucisculus (29.33%) and pike fish (23.44%). In addition to the high prevalence rate ofDiplostomum spp. in white bream, the number range of the parasite (1-267), the average severity (19.17± 35.29) and the average infection frequency (14.46± 31.71) of white bream showed that this fish was also more contaminated than the other species.

Saturday 13 Oct 2018
Author: Public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute
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