Meeting of the board of directors
Description: The second meeting of the board of directors of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute was held

The meeting of the board of directors of the institute headquarters was held in the auditorium. At first, Dr. Moradi, the deputy director of support and administrative affairs of the institute congratulated the employee appreciation day and welcomed the attendees. Dr. Pourkazemi, the director of the institute, congratulated the government week and the memories of the martyrs of Rajaee and Bahonar and described the series of activities for celebrating this week including sending titles of 5 effective projects and unveiling the project of SPF trout by the deputy director of science and technology. He announced the holding of a news conference and media interviews with the media about the performance of 2018-2019 and the upcoming events at the institute and subsidiary centers. Then, Dr. Moradi referred to the seven meeting approvals of the previous session and the actions that were taken on the approvals. It was decided that the meeting of the board of directors of the institute and the subsidiary centers should be held in September this year. Deputies and specialized departments, headquarters and subsidiary centers should present their programs, views and outstanding achievements to the public relations office by the end of the year as a table to plan for preparing and holding a news conference. The series of actions carried out to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the institute on 28 January 2019 were announced. The entry of Fipak data, commission for maritime patrols, settlement of insurance policy of colleagues, possibility to use welfare facilities for personnel and creating a space for financial documents of the institution were among the issues that were discussed in the meeting and decisions were made about them. At the end of the meeting in order to commemorate the government week, a number of colleagues from the staff of the institute and subsidiary centers were recognized as a model employee of 2018-2019.

Model employee of the institute and subsidiary centers of 2018-2019

Headquarters of the Institute:

Mohmoud Reza Azinini, Mehdi Namdar, Mir Anam Mirhamid Zadeh, Susan Shahrokhi, Tayebeh Bashti

National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute

NationalResearch Centre ofSaline-water Aquatics

Massoud Mahboob

Habib Sarsangi

Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center

Iranian Artemia Research Center

Seyyedeh Zahra Nabavi

Siavash Ganji

South of Iran Aquaculture Research Center

Coldwater Fishes Research Center

Hamid Saadouni

Mohammad Ismael Rastravan

Shrimp Research Institute of Iran

Inland Waters Aquatic Stocks Research Center

Eskandar Ahmadi

Massoud Zamani

Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Ecological Research Institute

Chabahar Research Center of the High Seas

Zahra Kahourzadi Roshan

Maryam Alisoufi Kut

Genetics and Breeding Research Center of Coldwater Fish

Mohammad Meysam Salahi Ardakani

Monday 3 Sep 2018
Author: Public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute
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