Implementation of a pilot project of sea bass culture in agricultural wastewater
Description: In order to diversify the species and use of agricultural wastewater, the project of sea bass culture was implemented by the South of Iran Aquaculture Research Center
According to the public relations of the South of Iran Aquaculture Research Center, Lack of freshwater especially in the current year has endangered many fish farms in Khuzestan province. Therefore, the research center followed up the implementation of the research project "Investigating the possibility of using agricultural wastewater in aquaculture" at the provincial planning council. In this regard, a pilot project for the production of sea bass in unconventional waters has been initiated and implemented in 3 cages of 20 m3 in the agricultural wastewater of Khorramshahr. In this project, three fish populations from Chouebdeh Abadan, Ramoz Bushehr Company and fishes kept at the Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni marine fish research station (the project of broodstock development of sea bass) have been used. The experience of living and growing fish in brackish wastewater with special physical and chemical properties can be an introduction to a supplementary study in the coming year. Moreover, comparing the growth of two sea bass strains of the country could be considered as the other results of this study. At the end, a part of fish that have grown more appropriately will be stored as thepre-broodstock.

Saturday 18 Aug 2018
Author: Public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute
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