The scientific-technical committee
Description: The fifteenth scientific-technical committee meeting 1397 was held in the presence of Dr. Daneshian
According to the public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute, the fifteenth scientific-technical committee meeting 1397 with the presence of Dr. Mortezai, the deputy director of research and technology of the institute, heads of departments, managers of specialized groups, experts in the research departments and Dr. Daneshian, director general of the office of research planning and monitoring of the Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization was held at the session hall of the institute. At first, Dr. Mortezai welcomed the attendees and presented a report on the performance of the scientific-technical committee in the last year and in the current year. According to him: cage fish farming, eugenics, selective breeding of carp, trout and shrimp, production of fishery products, reduction of waste, production of kits and vaccines for diagnosis and diseases of aquatic organisms, tilapia aquaponics, control of redhead syndrome, SPF rainbow trout and carp, aquaculture with unconventional waters, managing genetic reserves of aquatic organisms, assessing stocks and deep sea fishing are among the priorities and programs for the current year. In 1396, forty meetings of the scientific-technical committee were held with 319 resolutions, 312 of which were accomplished. Out of 166 projects, 108 projects were approved and 58 projects were rejected. Out of the 43 final reports, 39 reports were approved and 4 reports were not accepted. In 1397, 14 meetings have been held and out of 128 resolutions, 111 have been passed and 17 have been in progress. The number of completed projects was 1711, running projects was 122 and arrears was 43 which stipulated that the arrears should be on the agenda with the exception of projects with extension outputs. Also, specialized meetings and conferences were discussed and approved in the scientific-technical committee with the purpose and co-operation of the priorities of the implementation section. In the following, the presenters pointed to problems such as the process of project registration in the Sampat system and the problems involved in upgrading and carrying out research projects. Dr. Daneshian stated that the approach of the organization and the research institutes to conducting final reports is such that the researcher has sufficient incentive to carry out and execute research projects. He added that there are problems with the Sampat system and the system has been created, but has not yet been completed and changes have to be made in the reporting system. The policy of the organization is such that all the affairs will be delegated to the institutions by next year and the organization will only be active in monitoring. Output data should be routed in a way that can be unveiled. In relation to the regulations, he pointed out that the program of the organization is to review the rules of promotion and upgrading.

Saturday 18 Aug 2018
Author: Public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute
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