The research council meeting of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute was held
Description: The performance of the institute and the current year programs were introduced in the research council meeting
According to the public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute, Dr. Pourkazemi explained the outlines of the outstanding achievements of 1396 and he mentioned: unveiling of the Sobaity seabream fish food formula, selection of the tech agent of the institute as the superior tech agent of the Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization, selection of thelaboratory of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea ecological Research Institute as the top researchlaboratory,collaborating with foreign accredited universities, holding workshops and operating the production plan ofSPF rainbow trout were some of the most important tasks that were accomplished by the researchers of the institute.
Commercial production of shrimp probiotics, biotechnic of fish breeding and farming ofPerca fluviatilis,Sobaity seabream fishfry and fingerlingproduction andevaluation of fish stock status of 120 species of commercial fish in the Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and Caspian Sea were some of the other outstanding achievements that were outlined by the institute director.
Dr. Pourkazemi referred to 50 research priorities in the current year and mentioned: aquaponic production of tilapia and plants, performing the second phase of tilapia super male production, intensive culture of 300 tonnes of tilapia per year, monitoring cage fish farming with the participation of the private sector, eugenics and breeding of carp, rainbow trout and shrimp, creatinglive gene bank of fish species,production of biological products from shrimp wastes and the production of two value added products from the byproducts of cultured warmwater fish species are some of the most important tasks that will be accomplished by the researchers in the current year.
In the following, Dr. Mortezaei, Dr. Hosseinzadeh and Dr. Moradi presented the activities of research, extension and support departments of the institute.

Saturday 18 Aug 2018
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